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Healthy People 2020 : Progress Tracker

Healthy People provides a framework for prevention for communities in the U.S. Healthy People 2020 is a comprehensive set of key disease prevention and health promotion objectives. The health objectives and targets allow communities to assess their health status and build an agenda for community health improvement.


Tracker for State: Delaware
Indicator Current and Target Data Since Prior Period Status
Access to Health Services
Adults with Health Insurance Map
Current: 87.2 percent
Target: 100.0 percent
Children with Health Insurance Map
Current: 96.5 percent
Target: 100.0 percent
Adolescent Health
High School Graduation
Current: 78.0 percent
Target: 82.4 percent
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Breast Cancer Map
Current: 22.8 deaths/100,000 females
Target: 20.6 deaths/100,000 females
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Colorectal Cancer Map
Current: 16.6 deaths/100,000 population
Target: 14.5 deaths/100,000 population
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Lung Cancer Map
Current: 56.4 deaths/100,000 population
Target: 45.5 deaths/100,000 population
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Prostate Cancer Map
Current: 23.7 deaths/100,000 males
Target: 21.2 deaths/100,000 males
Colorectal Cancer Incidence Rate Map
Current: 45.9 cases/100,000 population
Target: 38.6 cases/100,000 population
Environmental Health
Workers Commuting by Public Transportation Map
Current: 3.2 percent
Target: 5.5 percent
Food Safety
Salmonella Infection Incidence Rate New
Current: 16.1 cases/100,000 population
Target: 11.4 cases/100,000 population
Heart Disease and Stroke
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)
Current: 38.2 deaths/100,000 population
Target: 33.8 deaths/100,000 population
High Blood Pressure Prevalence
Current: 34.8 percent
Target: 26.9 percent
High Cholesterol Prevalence
Current: 40.6 percent
Target: 13.5 percent
Immunization and Infectious Diseases
Adults 65+ with Influenza Vaccination Map
Current: 63.1 percent
Target: 90.0 percent
Adults 65+ with Pneumonia Vaccination  Map
Current: 70.7 percent
Target: 90.0 percent
Tuberculosis Incidence Rate
Current: 3.1 cases/100,000 population
Target: 1.0 cases/100,000 population
Injury and Violence Prevention
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Homicide
Current: 6.1 deaths/100,000 population
Target: 5.5 deaths/100,000 population
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Unintentional Injuries
Current: 36.8 deaths/100,000 population
Target: 36.0 deaths/100,000 population
Pedestrian Death Rate
Current: 2.0 deaths/100,000 population
Target: 1.3 deaths/100,000 population
Maternal, Infant and Child Health
Babies with Low Birth Weight
Current: 8.9 percent
Target: 7.8 percent
Infant Mortality Rate
Current: 8.0 deaths/1,000 live births
Target: 6.0 deaths/1,000 live births
Mothers who Received Early Prenatal Care
Current: 75.3 percent
Target: 77.9 percent
Preterm Births
Current: 12.8 percent
Target: 11.4 percent
Mental Health and Mental Disorders
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Suicide
Current: 11.0 deaths/100,000 population
Target: 10.2 deaths/100,000 population
Nutrition and Weight Status
Adults who are Obese Map
Current: 26.9 percent
Target: 30.6 percent
Physical Activity
Adults Engaging in Regular Physical Activity
Current: 48.5 percent
Target: 47.9 percent
Substance Abuse
Adults who Binge Drink Map
Current: 18.6 percent
Target: 24.3 percent
Tobacco Use
Adults who Smoke Map
Current: 19.7 percent
Target: 12.0 percent